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Training & Service

Benefits of choosing Patriot for training and service

  • On going project support
  • Competitive rates
  • Lunch included on courses
  • Can supply all levels of manpower


At Patriot we believe training to be one of the most important commodities in industry. Both for the individual and the company, training has the benefit of motivation, increased understanding and improved team capability. It is through training that we develop personally and therefore are able to contribute more towards the growth and the innovation of our respective teams and organisations.

All our training courses are geared towards providing our clients with skills that will enable them to improve efficiency in the application of specialist pipework construction and maintenance services. The courses can be tailored to suit your specific technical and financial requirements.

After the initial training of a client’s personnel, Patriot can provide experienced site supervisors to oversee the various stages of a project, may it be the beginning, critical stages, or even the project in its entirety.  Training a client’s staff will allow the trainees the opportunity to utilise their new skills and potential in a real work environment, knowing that there is additional support if required.

When it comes to supplying manpower and equipment to contracts, Patriot vows to give 24/7 project support. Providing continual support to our clients, we feel, plays a major part in the successful outcome of the project and ensures a smoother running of the entire process.

Courses include:

  • 2 1/2 day Controlled Bolt Tightening
  • 5 day Introduction to In-Situ Machining – Pipe Cutting and Bevelling
  • 2 day Flange Facing
  • 2 day Milling, Drilling, Boring
  • 2 day Heat Treatment

Patriot International has a comprehensive database full of specialist technicians and workers of all levels. Whatever your needs require, we can provide and mobilize manpower at short notice.

Polaris Specialist Service Solutions
Visit out new sister company, Polaris Specialist Service Solutions;

A dedicated manpower and equipment provider in the Oil & Energy industry. Our objective is to be the first choice supplier through our commitment to safety, drive to exceed expectations and our value added performance.

With a focus on Specialist Service Solutions and a vast range of equipment, Polaris S3 is able to prioritise problem solving as a highly achievable objective in any In-situ job.

Working alongside our Patriot International, Polaris has unlimited access to one of the largest stocks of on-site machining, controlled bolting, pressure testing and heat treatment equipment available within the industry.

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