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Patriot at a glance

6 Points you should acknowledge about Us

  • Patriot International holds one of the largest stocks of specialist pipework equipment for rental and sale in Europe. This includes controlled bolt tightening, in-situ machining, heat treatment and subsea equipment. Our products and services enable our clients to undertake turnkey piping projects themselves.
  • The ability to provide credible solutions to a problem is dependent on various factors. In particular, experience and a clear understanding of the subject are key in achieving the desired results. Our objective at Patriot is to provide our clients with complete training, equipment and support services that supply them with the knowledge and confidence to deliver a more enhanced capability to their clients.
  • We have 6 locations in Europe. These are strategically placed in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark.
  • We are an approved ECITB Training centre, ISO accredited and registered with FPAL.
  • We posses a ‘Can Do’ attitude and will therefore not be afraid of attempting the difficult and in doing so, will achieve positive solutions to our client’s problems.
  •  Life is a journey; we look forward to meeting you along the way…


Patriot at a glance

Integrated Solutions to Piping Problems

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